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A little about me.

Technology and computers were always a big passion of mine. From the early days of booting 286 and "IBM compatible" computers with 4-color CGA monitors from a soft floppy disk, through running xcopy on my then MS-DOS operating system so I could move Prince of Persia from the corrupt 5.25in floppy disk it was stored on to my hard drive, to being amongst the first to access the internet in the 90s (and the fun days of scripting op-bots on mIRC). Oh, and compressing random files in ARJ (is that still a thing today?).

I completed both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the areas of business, finance and economics. Following a long and successful career in the area of financial technology and quantitative analysis, I decided to rekindle my passion for computing and transitioned into a full-time software engineering role with my current employer. I have also attained a degree in computer science, because not having done so from the beginning is a crime which needed fixing.

My areas of interest are at this unique (or not?) intersection of quantitative finance (derivatives), computer science and design, so expect to see a few posts on these topics if you become a regular visitor! I absolutely ❤️ open source software, and I regularly contribute to various projects such as bqplot, JupyterLab and ipywidgets. On my day job, I build data visualization libraries and tooling to help users explore, understand, and communicate complex relationships within their data.

Connect with me! I'm available on Twitter or LinkedIn.

This is a personal website and all opinions expressed here are mine, and do not represent the views of my employer.

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