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Talks and tutorials.

JupyterCon 2021 Talk: "Leap of faith: Transitioning from Excel to Jupyter-based applications"

A short talk focused on my experiences helping clients in the Finance industry transition from Excel-based analysis to Jupyter-powered apps.

JupyterCon 2021 Tutorial: "The Jupyter interactive widget ecosystem"

Delivered a comprehensive, 4-hour tutorial, together with 4 colleagues, on all aspects of the Jupyter Widgets Ecosystem (available on NumFOCUS Academy)

The Jupyter interactive widget ecosystem

SciPy2020 - Jupyter Widgets Tutorial

A tutorial delivered with three colleagues, introducing the Jupyter widget ecosystem and slowly building knowledge including styling, callbacks, application composition and common widget libraries.

Learn Jupyter with Bloomberg - Webinar Series

Another Jupyter-focused tutorial I am working on with colleagues. This is a 6-part webinar focused on introducing entry-level data scientists and business analysts to the world of Jupyter. The series is very comprehensive, covering all aspects of data analysis - from selecting the best source, through munding and cleaning the data, to applying various quantitative analysis techniques to derive useful information. The second part of series focuses on composing an application from a collection of widgets and diving deep into interactive visualization.

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